Electronic Biographical Guide “Those who suffered for Christ’s sake…”

Since 2015, the STOU Press has been publishing a multi-volume alphabetical reference book of the same name. To date, the alphabetical volumes from ‘A’ to ‘L’ have been published. On the basis of this edition, an identical electronic reference book has been created. While the eponymous original database is an accumulation of primary information from various sources, the electronic biographical directory contains information carefully vetted by Research Department of the Newest History of the Russian Orthodox Church at STOU staff.

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Database “Those who suffered for Christ’s sake…”

Church-historical research into twentieth century persecution now involves collecting and extrapolating from disparate information. For this purpose, the staff of the Research Department of the Modern History of the Russian Orthodox Church at STOU and their partners have been doing extensive work in central and regional archives (including official archives). Since the early 1990s, information about the victims identified in archives and other sources has been entered into the electronic database “Those Who Suffered for Christ's sake”, developed under the leadership of the late Prof. Nikolai Emelianov (1939–2010). 

At the moment, the database contains information on approximately thirty-five thousand clergy and laity of the Russian Orthodox Church who were subjected to repression. In terms of its completeness, this database is unparalleled both in Russia and abroad.

Available here [ru]