Electronic Biographical Guide “Those who suffered for Christ’s sake…”

The electronic directory is based on the multi-volume alphabetical reference book of the same name published by STOUH Press since 2015.

While the original eponymous database is a collection of primary information from various sources, the electronic biographical guide contains information verified by the staff of the Research Department of the Newest History of the Russian Orthodox Church at STOUH.

Available here [ru]

Database “Those who suffered for Christ’s sake…”

An Internet resource on the persecution of the Russian Orthodox Church in the 20th century. It contains more than 36,000 biographies of those who suffered for their faith, which are compiled on the basis of information from archives, publications, testimonies of relatives, and other sources.

Collection of data commenced in 1990 and the database has been accessible online ever since 1996. The author and supervisor of the project is professor Nikolai Emelyanov (1939–2010).

Available here [ru]