Artistic Workshops

The Artistic Workshops of the Faculty of Church Arts [ru] of the St. Tikhon’s Orthodox University for the Humanities (STOU) seek to perpetuate and develop the best traditions of church art.

Our experts possess a high level of artistic skill and a deep understanding of the Orthodox canon. The artists work in Byzantine and Russian styles, focusing on the best examples of church art. They strive to convey the depth of ancient images, to study and make creative use of the traditions of Orthodox icon painting.

The artistic directors of the projects and the staff of the workshops are teachers of the Department of Monumental Art and the Department of Iconography of STOU’s Faculty of Church Arts, members of the Moscow Union of Artists, as well as graduates of the STOU, the Surikov Moscow State Art Institute, and the icon painting school at Moscow Theological Academy.

We carry out all works entailed in the creation and artistic decoration of churches: design, manufacture and installation of iconostases [ru], painting of iconostasis icons [ru], design and execution of frescoes [ru], and execution of mosaics [ru]. In the workshop, we paint icons for weddings [ru] and births [ru], hagiographic icons [ru], icons of saints [ru] and icons of the New Martyrs [ru], crucifixes, processional crosses, folding ions and many other things. Icons can be decorated in basma and scanʹ.

One of the important activities of the workshop is the development of new iconography, especially icons of the New Martyrs of Russia [ru] and little-known saints.

In our workshops, icons are painted according to traditional ancient technology, on lime boards with chalk ground (levkas). Natural mineral pigments grated on egg yolk are used. The icons are gilded with gold leaf and silver. Our muralists are masters of the ancient fresco technique of a secco, as well as applying new color technologies of acrylic and keim, as well as technologies developed by experts at the Faculty of Church Arts [ru].

Experts, teachers, and alumni of the Department of the History and Theory of Christian Art and the Department of Restoration of the Faculty of Church Arts at STOU are involved in the workshops’ academic research in the field of the reconstruction and study of ancient artworks.

Various creative courses in continuing education programs have been opened at the artistic workshops; courses in mosaics are very popular.

Students and graduate students at the Faculty of Church Arts of the STOU, under the guidance of their teachers, are involved in large-scale works carried out in the workshop as part of training programs and internships.

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