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Remembering Fr. Georgii Orekhanov

On this memorial date, Saint Tikhon’s University Press published a volume on The Universities of Archpriest Georgii Orekhanov, including articles and talks by Fr. Georgii himself, reminiscences and academic articles by his colleagues, and a complete bibliography of his works. The book was presented at the memorial evening for Fr. Georgii, which took place on January 20th in the conference hall of the Church of St. Nicholas in Kuznetsy.

After the hymn “Memory Eternal” had been sung, the evening was opened by Archpriest Vladimir Vorobiev, Rector of STOUH, who shared his recollections of some vivid moments from his 30 years of knowing and working with Fr. Georgii. The event was moderated by Archpriest Konstantin Polskov, STOUH’s Vice-Rector for Research and International Affairs, Fr. Georgii’s friend and successor. Especially warm and fond were the reminiscences of Giovanna Parravicini, a member of the Christian Russia Foundation from Italy, who collaborated on more than one occasion with Fr. Georgii in diverse projects. Those in attendance watched a short video message recorded by Fr. Georgii not long before his death for new students at STOUH, in which, as a special message to students, stated his desire for them always to be searching for the truth while finding joy in doing what they love. A small slideshow was also shown by Archpriest Andrei Blizniuk, one of Fr. Georgii’s fellow priests at the Church of St. Nicholas in Kuznetsy.

Appearances at the evening were also made by Fr. Georgii’s colleagues from STOUH and from conferences of the Interdisciplinary Intellectual Club: Archpriest Pavel Khondzinskii, Archpriest Nikolai Emelʹianov, Archpriest Andrei Blizniuk, F. A. Gaida, K. M. Antonov, E. Y. Knorre, N. A. Vaganova, A. G. Gacheva, and O. A. Bogdanova. Almost all of them are also authors of the reminiscences featured in the published book, which was presented by one of the editors, Saint Tikhon’s University Press employee E. Y. Agafonov. At the end of the evening, Fr. Georgii’s son Serafim Orekhanov gave his warm thanks to all those in attendance for the memorial evening.

On the same evening, Vera Radio (Moscow, 100.9 FM) released a radio programme in the series Svetlyi vecher (Bright Evening) dedicated to the memory of Archpriest Georgii Orekhanov (moderator: Alla Mitrofanova). You can listen to it in Russia on the radio station’s Web site [ru].