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Romance Languages Day at STOU

On March 16, 2024, the Romance Languages Department of the Department of Romance and Germanic Philology of STOU’s Faculty of History and Philology celebrated Romance Languages Day together with Italo Calvino Italian School.

After a meal with pancakes, by now a tradition, the participants at the celebration, including both STOU Romance Languages teachers and students, as well as teachers and students from Italo Calvino Italian School, sang songs in Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and even in several dialects of Italy: Neapolitan, Roman, and Milanese. There are no language or cultural barriers for STOU Romance Languages students: their studies allow them to learn deeply about the culture and history of the Romance peoples and gain a solid grasp of their languages. The evening took place in the school building and was organized by Prof. Maria Desiatova of the Department of Romance-Germanic Philology, director of studies for the degree in Foreign Philology (Romance Languages), with the assistance of the teaching staff of Italo Calvino School.