Prof. Maria Desiatova at International Conference on Problems of Translation

The conference was held in a mixed format (on- and offline), with the motto: “The Unity of the Romance Languages in Their Diversity”, and was aimed at sharing experiences and innovations in the field of interpretation and translation of all kinds. A separate session was dedicated to the challenges of literary translation. Among the translators and educators from different parts of the world (Russia, Belarus, Argentina, Brazil, Switzerland, and Spain), Prof. Maria Desiatova of the Department of Romance and Germanic Philology gave a report on “Transmission of African Realities in Paulina Chiziane’s Novel Balada de Amor ao Vento and Possible Solutions for the Russian Translation”. In her report, Prof. Desiatova examined features of African writer Paulina Chiziane’s artistic style: metaphors, descriptions of nature, elements, the inner world of people, life, rituals, and local colour. She conducted the analysis of concrete examples and suggested her own solutions for the translation into Russian.

Link to the conference website.