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Germanic Philology Festival at STOU

On March 16, 2024, the Day of Germanic Philology, by now tradition, took place at STOU. There celebration was attended by Germanic Studies students from STOU’s Faculty of History and Philology.

It is a great joy that the tradition of holding this celebration every year survived even the era of the quarantine,s when we were deprived of this opportunity. The permanent host and coordinator of this holiday was Ekaterina Dolzhenkova, a 1st-year Master’s student of English Language and the Literature of English-speaking Countries and secretary of the department, thanks to whom this meeting of friends and like-minded people was organized in an atmosphere of joyful creativity.

The program began with the song “To sing in all languages”, which gave the whole event a spirit of unity and linguistic commonality. The song was performed by 3rd-year students of Germanic philology (Elizaveta Lebedeva, Veronika Davydenkova, and Sofia Drozdova on guitar).

The first year, under the guidance of their teacher Anastasiia Trofimova, put on a theatrical production of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”. The acting and technical support of the performance were top-notch; the audience followed the plot of the play with bated breath, empathizing with the characters, whose personalities were convincingly and touchingly portrayed by the actors Boris Korsun (as Scrooge), Maria Baushova, Elizaveta Busygina, Elizaveta Serdiuk, Vasilisa Vecheslova, Vladimir Kaleda, David Kushakov, Mariia Panfilova, Svetlana Runova, as well as sound engineer Anna Solkina and lighting technician Kseniia Onishchenko.

The musical part of the program saw the participation of 4th-year Bachelor’s students (Uliana Kazakova, Anna Yarovaia, Aglaia Masaltseva, Mariia Fokina [year 2], choir director: Maria Chernaia), who performed the hymn of Praise to the Mother of God in several languages and the song “Scarborough Fair” in English, as well as of 2nd-year Master students Daniil Bondarenko and Aleksandr Diachenko (guitar), who performed an unexpectedly lyrical song by the band Rammstein, “Ohne Dich” (“Without You”).

Of course, the students demonstrated their skill in reading and singing prayers in different languages. We would especially like to note the recitation of the Lord’s Prayer in German by the 2nd-year Bachelor’s student Mariia Fokina and the expressive, touching recitation of the same prayer in Portuguese by 1st-year Master’s student Dariia Tkacheva.

The final act was a performance of the chant “Ave Maria” by 4th-year students Anna Yarovaia and Aglaia Masaltseva, and the setting of the poem “In the fields under snow and rain” by Robert Burns, translated by Marshak, performed by Aglaia Masaltseva (with Maria Chernaia on guitar). It was accompanied by the presentation of bouquets to faculty members and touched everyone.

After a quiz in German, organized by senior instructor Yuliia V. Romanchenko, all participants were invited to a tea party, where the celebration continued in an informal atmosphere.

We would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts all the students who gave these outstanding performances; Lev Pisarev, the Head of the Department of Romance and Germanic Philology for organizing the holiday and inspiration; as well as Marina V. Salykina for her help in making sure that the guests were allowed onto the campus. We are also pleased to thank Salomiia Gudova, a 2nd -year Master’s student and department secretary, and Mariia Chernaia, a 4th-year Bachelor’s student and student assistant at the department, for preparing the festive tea party and organizing the holiday. The 2nd-year Bachelor student Trofim Toskuev gave excellent assistance with getting the theater venue ready and cleaning up after the event.

Let us hope that the good tradition of celebrating together and enjoying the beauty of the languages we learn will remain with us for many years to come!