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First Meeting of STOUH Spanish Club

The meeting was attended by students of Spanish as a foreign language from STOUH and students from Mexico, Argentina, and Peru studying in Moscow.

At the beginning of the meeting, each of them introduced themselves and spoke about themselves, after which everyone had to draw pieces of paper with students’ names and repeat what they could remember. For some this was in Russian, for others it was in Spanish. In order to learn something new about other countries, everyone wrote questions on his or her piece of paper about the country of the person who would draw it. And so one person talked about the most popular tourist spots of his country, while another got a question about what one can do there in the winter.

The atmosphere at the meeting was one of comfort. Students shared facts from their life, talked about their hobbies, favorite sports, and tasted Russian treats – pancakes with berry jam and sour cream. STOUH students also prepared several presentations about Russia and spoke about the traditions of celebrating New Year’s.

The next meeting of the Club is scheduled for December, before Christmas.

We look forward to seeing participants old and new at it!