Very Rev. Prof. Pavel Khondzinskii


Very Rev. Prof. Pavel V. Khondzinskii, Ph.D., Dr. theol. habil.

Head of the Department of Practical Theology, Professor of the Department of Practical Theology, Deputy Head of the Research Center for the History of Theology and Theological Education

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General information

Address by Very Rev. Prof. Pavel Khondzinsky, Dean of the Faculty of Theology

Dear Friends,

I am addressing you in the knowledge that neither a difference in age nor the difference in life experience can prevent us from speaking a common language and understanding one another, because we are united by one and the same main thing: our Faculty of Theology.

We all came here one day not only to teach and learn, but also to pray, communicate, share ideas and doubts, help each other – in a word, to live together.

Because it is here, at our Faculty, that the priesthood and science, faith and culture, church life and education, form our common understanding of life as a service to the Church and the Truth. I have no doubt that, in my words, you will not hear a kind of pathos and empty rhetoric, but rather what you feel and know yourself...

This, of course, does not negate the fact that we have – as in every living community – our unresolved problems, our lapses and shortcomings, so I will be glad to hear any suggestions for improving the life of our faculty, to hear opinions about the strengths and weaknesses of our work, and I will try to answer your questions.

I wish Godspeed to all the inhabitants of our common theological home and to those who have already left its walls. I hope that those who come in their place will embrace our common ministry and cause.

General Information 

The Faculty offers 7 bachelor’s degree programs, 7 master’s degree programs, and 4 postgraduate programs. For more details see the Programs section.

Theological education at the Faculty is provided in accordance with the state standard for higher professional education (undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate), in four areas: Theology, Religious Studies, Philology, and Social Work.

Students acquire a fundamental knowledge of basic theological disciplines and master the history of non-Christian religions and a wide range of humanities subjects. In addition, students participate in daily worship services in university churches, conduct missionary trips and teaching internships, and get involved in social service projects.

The Faculty trains teachers of theological disciplines and scholars, experts on theological and ecclesiastical issues in the media, and specialists for church, state, administrative, and public institutions.

There are 10 departments in the Faculty:

·         Department of Biblical Studies

·         Department of Systematic Theology and Patrology

·         Department of General and Russian Church History and Canon Law

·         Department of Practical Theology

·         Department of Social Work

·         Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies

·         Department of Ancient Languages and Ancient Christian Writing

·         Department of Eastern Christian Philology and the Eastern Churches

·         Department of Mission Studies

·         Department of Foreign Languages

There are 4 research centers in the Faculty:

·         Research Center for the History of Theology and Theological Education

·         Department of Modern History of the Russian Orthodox Church

·         Sociology of Religion Laboratory

·         Ecclesiastical Institutions Research Laboratory 



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