Very Rev. Aleksei Emelianov


Very Rev. Aleksei Emelianov

Dean of the Faculty of Church Singing, Head of the Department of Biblical Studies, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Biblical Studies

+7 (495) 536-93-03


General information

The Faculty provides training in the major of Artistic Direction of an Opera, Symphony Orchestra and Academic Choir (area of specialization: Artistic Direction of an Academic Choir) and the major of Conducting (with the special focus of Conducting Academic Choir).

The Faculty of Church Singing at STOU has accumulated unique experience of combining the traditions of secular and sacred music education. Students receive basic musical education (similar to the requirements of secular choral faculties), come to grips with the Church typicon, learn the art of church choir directing, and are introduced to different styles of Russian church singing – from ancient chants to compositions by contemporary church composers.

Life is organized along university lines, subjects are taught by well-known experts, and students participate actively in the liturgical life of the Church. This creates unique opportunities for the formation of in-demand choir directors and choirmasters. Graduates of the Faculty work as directors of church and secular choirs, as teachers, and are involved in the study of the culture of church singing.

There are 4 departments in the Faculty:

·         Department of Music History and Theory

·         Department of Church Choir Conducting

·         Department of Choir Conducting

·         Department of Plainchant

There is a Choral College [ru] attached to the Faculty of Church Singing and provides training in the major of Choir Conducting (full-time vocational education). The Choir School trains a wide range of graduates: choirmasters who can competently organize and lead a team of vocal artists, and teachers who are ready to work in extracurricular education with children of all age groups.



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